10 Reasons Why Sisters Are The Best

10 Reasons Why Sisters Are The Best

Ok, she can be a pain in the **** from time to time, and they always have that thing they say or do that really gets under your skin (and they know it) - but lets face it, sisters are great!

You have that special bond that you don't have with your friends or other family members. And that bond means you can go forever without seeing each other and immediately have that instant connection like it was not even yesterday since you last spoke or met up.

Your siblings know the true you. There's no hiding - they can see right through you if you're acting different or strange.

So, In celebration of National Sibling's Day in no particular order, here are 10 reasons why Sisters are the best.


  1. She will always have your back no matter what



    They hate all of your exes (probably more than you), they'll always stick up for you in an argument or fight, even with other family members. You know when time are tough, she'll be there - she'll being round chocolate or wine, you'll watch some trash TV and talk it though.

  2. She'll give advice (whether you like it or not)

    Friends tend to be nice, they maybe tip-toe around issues or sensitive things. Not sisters - she'll have no problems telling you that dress makes you look fat, or that your child/boyfriend/husband is being a little brat.

    She'll always tell you truth - there's no saying things behind your back - more often than not, it's unashamedly straight to your face. And that includes help and advice. Are you being unreasonable? - she'll tell you. Are you being selfish? she'll also tell you. Are you having a hard time? - You know she's got your back (see point 1).

  3. She understands you like noone else

    It's that connection, that sixth sense that sisters seem to have. When noone else gets you - she does. Even if it doesn't really even make sense to you - she gets it! That weird telepathic bond that you have with each other. It's all a bit weird - but it's great!

  4. Sharing is caring

    There's an old saying for married couples that goes "What's mine is yours" but it should finish with "... and your Sister's too". That's because you guys share everything. Got a hot date at the weekend with nothing to wear? No problem, Sis will hook you up. Been invited to your first wedding in 3 years - yep, she went to one last month and has the perfect shoes / bag combo. What a star!

  5. She tolerates your bad habits

    She might be untidy, messy, always late and rubbish with paying you back. Basically everything opposite that you would describe to want to have in a roommate, partner or even friend. If this doesn't sound like her? Then it's you whose all of those things. But it's ok because you tolerate each other's less desirable habits. You put up with it, almost expect it. After all, you know you both give as much as you take.

  6. She knows how to deal with Mum and Dad

    Whether she's older or younger, she'll have experience in dealing with your parents that you can get the low down on how to go about it. Need cash? - she'll know a way, want to move out (or back in)? - she'll know how you should break it to them. Between you, you have all of the tricks or the trade to get Mum and Dad to say yes.

  7. Affordable "ahem, free" Therapy

    Like we've already established - sisters always seem to find the right words to say. You feel like you can tell her everything, no matter how intimate or silly or crazy it might be - she's there as a friend with a shoulder to cry on, a counsellor to get you through a bad day, or just an ear for you to vent. So try the sister before you try the shrink.

  8. You can blame them for pretty much everything

    Whether it's with Mum or Dad, your spouse or your friends, you can always use Sis as a get out of jail free card.

    Need an excuse to not attend drinks with your friends new partner - "oh it's my Sisters birthday day that day", want to bail on a work event "sorry, i'm babysitting for my Sister then". It works 50% of the time, every time.

  9. She gives the best gifts

    You don't get standard gifts from you Sister - like all of the stuff you've been through, you guys are better than the standard, boring things you give to everyone else. You gift better. 

    Take a look at our range of Sister gifts that are just that. Different, personal and thoughtful. 

  10. No matter what, she'll always be there

    You could live 1000 miles away, not speak for a year, you could even send the odd text once a month, but it doesn't matter. It's like riding a bike, once you learn you'll never forget. Well it's the same with Sisters, you'll always have that bond and no matter how frequent or not you see each other - that connection will always be there.

    Thanks Sis.


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