4 Tips For The Perfect Mothers Day

4 Tips For The Perfect Mothers Day

Mothers Day is always a big day for Mum - it’s become a massive day for gifting. Poor Dad doesn’t really get a look in on Fathers Day.

We all want and feel the need to spoil Mum on this special day, and finding the right gift is one thing (you can’t go wrong with Flowers), but finding and writing the card is another.

The right words can be hard to write - that’s why we often pick cards that do the heavy lifting for us. But we still need to put something more than the usual “all the best”. 😳

It’s clear you want to write something meaningful - that’s why you’re here.

Ok, we’ve got you covered. A list of top tips to ensure you get the right words in the right order. They're inside you, you just need to get them out and on to the card.

What to write in a mothers day card?

  1. Don’t feel pressured to become Shakespeare.
    It’s a Mothers Day gift, not a novel. Keep it simple, keep it sweet, and use your kind of language as if you are saying it.
  2. Get inspiration online.
    See what other people are writing to get some ideas. Pinterest and instagram are great sources for this type of content.
  3. Keep it personal.
    Don’t steal other peoples words outright - it needs to come from you. How? Reference a recent event or a nice past-time you’ve shared together.
  4. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. 
    Don’t sweat over it. If you’re still stuck, just put a few loving words and the let the gift do the talking. She’ll know you’ve done your best and be thankful for it.

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