Beating Blue Monday

Beating Blue Monday

Earlier this week was the dreaded blue Monday, by all accounts the most depressing day of the year.

If you don’t know why, it’s a combination of the post Christmas blues, mixed with the cold, dull weather, our new year resolutions have fallen by the wayside slightly and it's also the longest time since most of us last got paid before Christmas.

Next week is payday, and so things generally should start to look up from now on.

New Year, new you

The excitement of a new year brings a lot of encouragement. You've made your resolutions, maybe you've signed up to the gym, gone vegan, quit chocolate - whatever it might be, your intentions were and are always good.

As the month goes on however, the initial excitement starts to wane and you start to slip. At first it might be something small, bit like any habit and we are creatures of habit, it happens again and again until we've fallen back into our old habits.

This may or not be you, but for someone who has broken back into the same old routine - and with other added pressures in life - money, health, work, this can be a hard time for them.

And so we all may know someone who maybe feeling the strain a bit more than others right now.

For me personally I have a few people who have had family bereavements this week.

But not just that, a lot of people could be suffering in silence.

Checking in on family and friends

Of course, the best thing to do is to reach out to friends and family and just check in to see how they’re doing.

A text to a friend, a call to mum, a quick visit to nan could make all the difference. Especially if they’re alone.

Need something more?
Cards, gifts, flowers go along way to show you really care.
We have some great sentiments bracelets that are guaranteed to make someone’s day. We can also write a personalised message for you and send direct to them - making it all the easier for you if you don't live nearby.

My mum always said she’d valued a nice card over a present when I was younger which, at the time, I could never understand. But as you get older you realise it’s the words, the thoughts, the sentiment that counts the most.

We hope you are all doing ok right now.
And as one of my favourite song says, Better things are on the way.

Happy new year 👋
We’ll be in touch again soon.

The Lu Bella team xoxo

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